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The Goddess of Law (Themis) arm-wrestles the Goddess of Reason (Athena.) The stakes are high, the game is dangerous, and the outcome is uncertain.
Who will yield? Who will lead?




Fear Lives and Thrives in Your Zip Code

Many people fear the IRS and state tax agencies. People fear being subjected to a tax audit, and having to deal with government agents pouring over their personal financial records looking for a ‘gotcha’ so they can hit you with a huge tax bill, including penalties and interest.


Recently, one of my elderly retired clients received a bill from the IRS for over $100,000, including a $20,000 penalty. The bill was completely wrong. My client, who lives on a very modest fixed income, had sold her home a year earlier and the sale was tax-free. The IRS had been given all the information it needed to know this. They didn’t do their job and treated the sale as taxable.


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