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I’ve always been amused by the term “non-profit.” In accounting and tax terms it refers to an organization the primary purpose of which is to achieve something other than financial profit.

But the truth is that unless an organization brings in at least as much as it spends it will deplete its assets and, sooner or later, go out of existence. Thus, the term non-profit is a misnomer.

Further, the term “non-profit” is technical language which doesn’t adequately describe the enormous social benefits provided by America’s private schools, churches, social and fraternal welfare organizations and similar entities. It is a fact that all of us profit from the work of these organizations.

It is useful to ask by how much taxes would have to be raised if all non-profit organizations ceased to exist and their many functions performed by motivated and caring people had to be assumed by the government?


My Experience

I’ve spent many years of my career helping non-profit organizations with their accounting, tax, and administrative needs. I am proud to be affiliated with organizations that do so much good for their communities.

I am familiar with all aspects of non-profit taxation and offer audit, review, compilation, and tax services to all types of non-profit organizations.

One of the most important tasks for non-profits is showing them precisely how and to what extent they are achieving the goals they have set for themselves. Although every non-profit is an organization dedicated to achieving something other than financial profit, it is still true that every non-profit is a business and to succeed must be run like a business. As an MBA I can identify business weaknesses and problems that will strengthen and improve the performance and success of your organization.

In our current difficult economic climate it has become even more important to ensure that money is spent with the greatest possible degree of efficiency and effectiveness. This requires prioritization, good internal controls, and a great accounting system.

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss in detail the needs of your organization.


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